For the first time we have produced a white wine through all its stages at Faqra – and the result is stunning


A landmark year for Massaya Blanc
It’s time to sample and celebrate our new vintage Massaya Blanc. On sale from late February and exported to our markets in the US and Europe, we are confident that the 2015 white wine is the best we have ever produced.
There are several reasons. For a start, this is the first Massaya Blanc to be produced entirely at the Faqra winery which means that our winemaker and his team have had meticulous control and focus on the whole process. The grapes come locally from vineyards at 1100 metres, rising to 1700 metres and for the first time we have added vermentino (also known as roll) to the blend of grapes that combine to make Massaya’s distinctive and refreshing white wine.
Fermentation has taken place in a mix of oak barrels from the Bourgogne in eastern France and large oak foudres holding up to 4000 litres each from Calvados. We use oak because the porosity of the wood creates a rounder and more subtle taste. Another of the winemaker’s skills is delicately to stir the lees (the sediment at the bottom of the foudres) to create the freshness and character that has been a hallmark of previous Massaya whites.
After a few months of careful attention to the tiniest detail the wines receive their final blending and bottling. Et voillà Massaya Blanc 2015. Drink it and be delighted.

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A taste of good things
With good wine should come good food and we are always thinking of new ways to present this marriage of flavours at Faqra. In addition to the main menus, we are now offering a light Menu Dégustation where you can choose to sample either four or six of our wines with a selection of cold meat or cheese.